Greater Atlantic Commercial Fishing Vessel Costs

This tool summarizes the results of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center cost survey at the commercial fishing vessel-level for costs incurred in 2011, 2012 and 2015. This tool does not include trip cost information.

Data series may not be displayed due to low response and data confidentiality. All monetary values have been adjusted to 2021 constant dollars.
Note: 2015 does not include haul-out costs; average Haul-out in 2012 = $1,736; average Haul-out in 2011 = $967

HANDGEAR - All Repair/Maintenance & Upgrade/Improvement Costs

Population Sample Response Response (%)
2011 848 146 47 32 %
2012 718 213 52 24 %
2015 304 227 17 7 %

The figures below describe the characteristics of the vessels (annual gross vessel revenue, vessel length, and average crew per vessel) that responded to the survey for the gear and cost category selected above. These differences in characteristics may contribute to changes in the reported costs over time and should be considered when interpreting cost trends.

HANDGEAR - All Repair/Maintenance & Upgrade/Improvement Costs