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These NE Fishing Community Snapshots provide the most recent data available for key indicators for Northeastern fishing communities related to dependence on fisheries and other economic and demographic characteristics. The full-length Community Profiles for the Northeast US Fisheries, last updated in 2007, contain more in-depth information regarding the historic, demographic, cultural, and economic context for understanding a community's involvement in fishing. Links to each longer profile are found at the bottom of that community's Snapshot page. For background on how the communities in the long profiles were chosen for profiling and other background information, please see the Introduction.

The Coastal County Snapshots offer additional information related to Wetland Benefits, Flood Exposure and Ocean Jobs.

1A limited number of these communities require Census data at the zip code level. 2010 Census data has not yet been released at the zip code level for some variables. The Snapshots for those communities will be updated as soon as the data becomes available.
2Please refer to long profiles for idiosyncrasies related to Maryland and Virginia federal and state landings data.