NEFSC’s Award-Winning Staff

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Below you’ll find NESFC employees and contractors who have been recognized for their outstanding work in a variety of disciplines, including science, administration, and support. Many of our staff members have been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for their achievements. The awards listed below are mostly within the Department of Commerce, NOAA, NOAA Fisheries, and NEFSC.

Department of Commerce Awards

Gold Medal

The highest honorary award granted by the Secretary. A Gold Medal is defined as distinguished performance characterized by extraordinary, notable or prestigious contributions that impact the mission of the Department and/or one operating unit and which reflect favorably on the Department.

2019: Benjamin Richards, Kresimir Williams, M. Elizabeth Clarke, George Cutter, Deborah Hart, Charles Thompson, William Michaels: For developing the first open-source toolkit for automated image analysis to harness big data for marine ecosystem science and ocean stewardship.

2012: Bruce Collette: For leadership in the first use of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List Criteria, the gold standard in assessing extinction risks, on marine species. Bluefin tunas were deemed critically endangered, and bigeye tuna and marlins as vulnerable.

2009: Michael Vecchione, Roxie K. Allison, Laurel Bryant, Joanne Flanders, Fred Gorell, Carol Kavanagh, Jamie Krauk, Carrie McDougall, Therese Pierce, Albert E. Theberge: For the design, development and opening with the Smithsonian Institution of the Sant Ocean Hall, the national exhibition on the global ocean.

2005: Kenneth Sherman: For leadership in establishing a worldwide network of Large Marine Ecosystems and pioneering efforts in the field of marine ecosystems research.

Silver Medal

The second highest honorary award granted by the Secretary, a Silver Medal recognizes exceptional performance characterized by noteworthy or superlative contributions, which have a direct and lasting impact within the Department. Silver Medals are awarded to individuals, groups (or teams), and organizations.

2015: Diane Kapareiko, Dorothy Jeffress, and Gary Wikfors (Milford Lab): For developing a probiotic bacterial strain to improve survival of oyster larvae and negotiating a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement for commercialization.

2014: Julia (Jolie) Harrison, Jason Gedamke, Sofie Van Parijs, Megan Ferguson, Jay Barlow, Karin Forney, Leila Hatch (NOS): For developing internationally recognized, innovative technology, CetSound, which quantitatively assesses human-induced noise impacts on marine mammals.

2011: Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Northeast Regional Office: For development and implementation of a fundamentally new management approach to achieve a sustainable and efficient Northeast groundfish fishery.

2007: Richard Merrick: For developing a ship strike strategy to recover North Atlantic right whales in partnership with the US Coast Guard and the International Maritime Organization.
• Kathryn Bisack, Heather Haas, Henry Milliken, Kimberly Murray, Debra Palka, Marjorie Rossman, Gordon Waring: For reducing incidental catch of Northwest Atlantic Ocean marine mammals and turtles to promote their recovery to sustainable population levels.

2001: Michael P. Sissenwine: For negotiating a resolution to the long-standing, adversarial relationship between many New England commercial fishermen and the scientific research arm of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

1999: Sybil P. Seitzinger: For advancing understanding of the biogeochemical cycling in the ocean of Nitrogen, one of the important greenhouse gases contributing to global climate change. Her creativity provides new scientific evidence for accelerating control of anthropogenically caused excessive Nitrogen inputs to marine environments, reducing the problem of coastal eutrophication and global warming related to greenhouse gas emissions.

1998: John E. O'Reilly: For development of a new algorithm for calculating ocean color backscatter for NASA's new Sea Viewing Wide Field of View Sensor (SeaWiFS) Satellite. The algorithm will be used as the new standard in ocean color imaging technology and ocean productivity applications, solving a long-standing problem in biological oceanography and fisheries research.

1996: Teri L. Frady, Gene S. Martin, Patricia A. Kurkul, Ralph K. Mayo, Philip N. Logan: For leading the effort on the development of the Northeast groundfish resource recovery plan

Bronze Medal

The Bronze Medal is the highest honor award that can be granted by the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere. Winners are recognized annually at a formal ceremony held in the fall in the Washington Metropolitan area. The medals are awarded to individuals, groups (or teams), and organizations.

2020: Michael Simpkins, Michael Ruccio, Jonathan Deroba, Olanrewaju Alade, Geret DePiper, Daniel Hennen, Kiersten Curti, Laurel Smith, LCDR Michael Ball (OMAO). For leadership in improving the fisheries stock assessment process in the northeast U.S. with consensus of partners – enhancing quality, efficiency, and trust.

2019: Timothy V. Cole, Peter J. Corkeron, Peter A. Duley, Allison G. Henry, Christin B. Khan, LTJG Richard C. DeTriquet, LTJG Christopher M. Wood, and LTJG Jason C. Clark (OMAO): For expanding international partnerships to assess changing right whale distributions and revealing causative factors to a tragic population decline.

2018: Travis Ford, Andrew Kitts, David Packer, Katherine Richardson, David Stevenson, Aja Szumylo, Peter Christopher: For significant contributions toward developing and implementing the Frank R. Lautenberg Deep-Sea Coral Protection Area.

2017: Jonathan A. Hare, Roger B. Griffis, Larry Alade, Antonie S. Chute, Kiersten L. Curti, Tobey H. Curtis, Daniel Kircheis, John F. Kocik, Sean M. Lucey, Camilla T. McCandless, Lisa M. Milke, David E. Richardson, Eric Robillard, Harvey J. Walsh, Michael A Alexander (OAR), Wendy Morrison, Mark Nelson, Megan Stachura, Eric Teeters, James Scott, Rich Bell, Conor McManus, Katey Marancik, Carolyn Griswold: For successful completion in NOAA of the first Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of fish and invertebrates.

2014: Jacqueline Wilson, Holly McBride, C. Dianne Stephan, Joseph Desfosse, Kathryn Goldsmith, Heather Balchowsky, and David Gloeckner: For unifying and streamlining an electronic dealer reporting system for Atlantic tunas, swordfish, and sharks across 13 State and Federal systems.

2013: Lisa Colburn, Min-Yang Lee, Barbara Rountree, Scott Steinback, Susan L. Brown, Matthew McPherson, Ingo Fleming, Joanne Pellegrino, Vic Vecchio, Michael Jepson, Tara Scott, Ayeisha Brinson, Melissa Yencho, Rita Curtis: For completion of a rapid economic assessment of New York and New Jersey fishing communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy to guide recovery efforts.

2008: David Packer, Vincent Guida, Martha Nizinski, Thomas Hourigan, Andrew Bruckner, Robert Stone, S.A. Kalei Shotwell, Curt Whitmire, M. Elizabeth Clarke, and Frank Parrish: For advancing conservation through spearheading the first peer-reviewed assessment of the state of deep coral ecosystems of the United States.

• Deborah R. Hart: For significant advances in the theory of rotational area fisheries and leadership in its application to Atlantic sea scallop assessment and management.
• Joseph M. Godlewski and William Michaels: For the development and successful deployment of a fiberoptic towed body package capable of housing and deploying a variety of oceanographic, acoustic, and video packages.
• Erin E. Kupcha, Holly M. McBride, Otis L. Jackson, Barbara M. North: For the development of an at-sea electronic entry system for fisheries observer data, including concept design, testing, and final implementation.

• Loretta O'Brien: For research on the reproductive potential of finfish, specifically the effects of stock demographics and environmental factors.
• Jack Moakley: For developing and implementing the electronic Annual Operating Plan system for budgeting and performance planning, tracking, and reporting for PPBES.
• Steve Fromm, Suellen Fromm, Dave Packer, Jeff Pessutti, Donna Johnson, Dave Chevrier, Greg Lough, Jose Pereira, and Lisa Hendrickson: For the expeditious review and revision of over thirty species documents for the designation of Essential Fish Habitat by the Fishery Management Councils.
• Michael Tork, Timothy Sheehan: For voluntary service provided during FEMA post-disaster relief operations after multiple hurricane strikes in 2005.

• Mark Berman: For conceiving, developing, and implementing the first undulating towed body with the capacity for rapidly measuring ocean productivity at minimal operational cost.
• William Overholtz: For leadership in providing training for fishermen and interested lay people in fishery assessment science as the basis for managing fisheries.
• Amy Van Atten, Patricia Yoos, Gina Shield, Joseph Mello, Sara Quinn, Mary Woodruff, and David Potter: For the fivefold expansion of the New England fisheries observer program in less than two years, under complex data quality and legal requirements.
• Lee Benaka, Victoria Cornish Credle, Jonathan Cusick, Tanya Dobrzynski, Michael Fogarty, James Nance, Joseph Powers, Joseph Terry, and Svein Fougner: For contributions in designing a national approach to bycatch reporting methodologies which assist the Department in fulfilling its statutory obligations.

2005 continued:
• John Burnett, Elizabeth O'Neill, Sarah Pregracke, and Sandra Sutherland: For the tenfold expansion of an annual production of sectioned otolith production which improves data quality and quantity for fish stock assessments.
• Linda Despres, Lawrence Brady, Kevin McIntosh, William Kramer, and Stacy Rowe: For creating a streamlined data quality assurance process for resource survey data on forty stocks of commercial and recreational marine finfish and invertebrates.
• Mary Fabrizio, Beth Phelan-Hill, John Manderson, and Jeffrey Pessutti: For using state-of-the-art ultrasonic tagging technology to elucidate the effects of contaminants on fish.
• Nancy McHugh, Paul Kostovick, Chris Pickett, and Victor Simon: For implementing portable data acquisitions systems that coordinate logging of vessel and biological data collected during Cooperative Research Surveys.
• Northeast Regional Office, Fisheries Statistics Office, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Data Management Systems, and Northeast Regional Office, Port Agents: For creating and executing an electronic seafood dealer reporting system on fish landings which eases the reporting burden for dealers and allows for the more effective management of quotas.

2003: Frank Almeida, John Boreman , Jr., Russell Brown, Charles Byrne, Michael Fogarty, Teri Frady, Wendy Gabriel, John Galbraith, Henry Milliken, Frederic Serchuk: For developing a problem-solving methodology that stands as a model for working cooperatively to resolve issues that jeopardize sound fishery management.

2002: Paul Rago: For innovative research involving the use of commercial fishing vessels and fisherman's knowledge in the development of joint data collection programs.
Mary Colligan, John Kenney, Jr., Teresa Rowles, Janet Whaley, Teri Frady, Patricia Gerrior, Dana Hartley: For personal and professional efforts to conserve Right Whales through unprecedented advances in veterinary medicine and conservation biology.

2001: Linda I. Despres, John K. Galbraith, David Hiltz, William P. Kramer, Holly M. McBride, Nancy J. McHugh, Victor A. Nordahl, and Douglas A. Perry: For developing, testing and implementing a new automated data acquisition system for NMFS fishery research vessels.

• Lawrence J. Buckley: For creativity and innovation in using molecular techniques in fish physiology and the sequencing of the cod genome.
• Peter W. Christopher, Hannah F. Goodale, Jason Link, Joel G. MacDonald, Richard A. Pearson, Paul J. Rago, Katherine A. Sosebee, Scott Steinbeck, and Julie Williams: For the rapid development and implementation of the controversial Spiny Dogfish Fishery Management Plan
• James Meehan, John Hotaling, John Everett, Bonnie Ponwith, Richard Brown, CDR Gary Bulmer, John Walter, Hannah Davis, Charles Byrne and Daniel Twohig: For engineering achievement and leadership in design and planning for a new fleet of state-of-the-art fisheries research vessels

• Jonathan M. Kurland, Lee R. Crockett, James P. Burgess, III, Tracy K. Collier, Jeffrey N. Cross, Jane S. Hannuksela, Cindy A. Hartmann, Mark Helvey, Ronald Hill, Thomas J. Minello, Ramona A. Schreiber and Susan-Marie Stedman: For developing a national regulatory program to describe, identify, conserve and enhance EFH as required by the Magnuson-Stevens Act.
• Peter L. Berrien: For development and utilization of egg survey data to assess spawning stock abundance and for improvement of forecast capabilities of fish populations in the northeast Continental shelf ecosystem.
• James C. Widman, Joseph Choromanski, Ronald Goldberg, Barry C. Smith, and Gary Wikfors: For design, development and application of an integrated microalgal, recirculating-water shellfish nursery and wastewater treatment system for aquaculture.
• P. Michael Payne, Laurie K. Allen, Debra L. Palka, David C. Potter, John B. Walden, and Donna S. Wieting: For exemplary efforts to conserve strategic stocks of harbor porpoise in the Gulf of Main and the mid-Atlantic.
• Mark Terceiro: For development of improved stock assessments and predictions of summer flounder and groundfish and contributions to peer reviews of stock assessments conducted by the National Academy of Sciences.
• Frank Almeida, Thomas Azarovitz, Daryl Christensen, Wendy Gabriel, David Gouveia, Charles Keith, Steven Murawski, Susan Murphy, Paul Rago, Kathi Rodrigues, and Patricia Yoos: For the rapid and successful implementation of a fishery management program of principal importance to the Agency.

NOAA Awards

Administrator’s Award

The Administrator's Award is a combination honorary and monetary award designed to recognize NOAA-specific contributions in the areas of equal employment opportunity, diversity, scientific research, public service, engineering development, environmental conservation, policy development, administrative support, public affairs, or information systems.

• Christin Khan: For developing machine learning approaches to contribute to the assessment of the endangered North Atlantic right whale.
• Sofie Van Parijs: For creating the nation’s first comprehensive underwater sound sensing network including all U.S. coastal regions and several marine national parks.

2011: Michael D. Ford, D. Christopher Melrose, Craig Russell, LT Nicola Verplanck: For leading one of the longest continuous plankton tows in history (5236.3 nm) and completing NOAA's first survey across the Pacific Garbage Patch.

• John O'Reilly: For creating cost effective visual animations depicting spatial and temporal variations in primary productivity with sea surface temperature globally.
• Frank Almeida, Melanie Caesar, David Detlor, Ann Murphy, Carroll Ward, Ajith Abraham: For the development and implementation of the efficient and effective web-based NOAA Foreign National Registration System.

• Susan Wigley and Paul Rago: For their work on Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology ("For developing a robust, objective process for collecting data on bycatch for all marine fisheries in the Northeast Region".)
• Teri Frady, David Kosewski, Rachel Metz-Leland, Daniel J. O'Brien, and David Radosh (ret.): For their work, and persistence in making the new WH seal pool habitat a reality (“For renovating the seal exhibit at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium into a state-of-the-art habitat, continuing its tradition of a marine educational exhibit.”)

2007: John Walden, Eric Thunberg, Scott Steinback: For creativity under pressure in producing high quality economic analyses in support of the NE Multispecies Emergency Action and Framework 42.

• Timothy Cole: For significantly reducing North Atlantic right whale mortalities from ship strikes and gear entanglements by developing and implementing a year-round aerial survey program in the Gulf of Maine.
• J. Michael Jech: For translating theoretical acoustical research concepts into practical applications for use in creating cost-effective and accurate fisheries population estimates.
• Sybil P. Seitzinger: For international leadership in the development and application of cutting-edge biogeochemical science to the global-scale assessment of excessive nitrogen loading in coastal waters.
• Nancy F. Kohler & Margo Schulze-Haugen (HQ): For creating a unique and easily understood guide to large pelagic fishes of the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico for use by recreational and commercial fishermen and the general public.

• Jon Brodziak, George Darcy, Eric Thunberg, Thomas Warren, Susan Murphy, and • John Walden: For outstanding leadership in the successful development of Amendment 13 to the Multispecies Fishery Management Plan in New England.
• Ralph K. Mayo: For scientific excellence and leadership of the NAFO Scientific Council in assessing the status and providing advice for Northwest Atlantic fishery resources.

2003: Aleta Hohn, Patricia Rosel, Debra Palka, Marjorie Rossman, and Lance Garrison: For developing and implementing innovative research programs to assess the stock structure and status of bottlenose dolphins in the mid-Atlantic.

2002: Kathryn Bisack, Diane Borggaard, Phillip Clapham, Mary Colligan, David Gouveia, Gregg LaMontagne, Richard Merrick, and Julie Williams: For sustained superior performance in the development of measures to prevent right whales and other large whales from becoming entangled in the gear used in the lobster and gillnet fisheries.

• Dennis Shields, David Benigni, Paul Kostovick: For development and implementation of the fisheries scientific computer system.
• Ambrose Jearld: For contributions to the conservation of the world's fisheries and protected marine resources, improvement of global fisheries science and management, and international acclamation for NOAA administrative leadership.

1999: Susan E. Wigley: For major improvements to fishery catch and fishing effort databases in the U.S. Northeast which were indispensable in supporting stock assessments and management of fishery resources in the region.

1997: Tim D. Smith: For scientific leadership and innovative research in enhancing the conservation and management of marine mammal stocks worldwide.

Distinguished Career Award

The Distinguished Career Award is designed to recognize long-term achievement in advancing the goals and mission of NOAA. The intent of the Award is to honor contributions which represent sustained excellence--rather than a single, defined accomplishment.

2019: Nancy Kohler: Nominated by NMFS for 40 years of sustained excellence and leadership, contributing to the sustainable use of the United States’ shark populations.

2014: Linda Despres: For 40 years of outstanding service in the accurate collection of independent fishery survey data for NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center.

2009: John Boreman, Jr.: For an outstanding legacy as a scientist and leader in advancing the scientific basis for management of living marine resources in the United States.
John "Jay" Burnett: For over twenty-five years of sustained excellence and leadership as a scientist at sea and in the laboratory to advance sustainable U.S. fisheries.

• Catherine Noonan: For extraordinary efforts in Supporting management and staff at The James J. Howard Marine Sciences Lab, particularly during times of extreme need, throughout thirty-seven years of service to NOAA.
• Michael Fahay: For consistently outstanding professional contributions to NOAA’s stewardship goal of understanding and managing coastal and marine ecosystems.
• Fredric Serchuk: For outstanding professional contributions to NOAA’s domestic and international activities supporting fisheries conservation and management.

2005: Tim D. Smith: For outstanding professional contributions to NOAA’s domestic and international activities supporting the conservation of marine species worldwide.

2004: Bruce Collette: For excellence in research and service in the fields of fish taxonomy, systematics, and marine biodiversity throughout a 44-year Federal career.

2003: Clyde MacKenzie, Jr.: For a long career of dedicated service resulting in greatly increased knowledge of bivalve molluscs and their fisheries, both in the northeast U.S.and worldwide

Silver Sherman Award

The NOAA Silver Sherman Award was created in 2016 to recognize individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to NOAA's mission. The awardee may be a NOAA federal employee at the GS-15/Band V equivalent level or below, or a NOAA ST/SL federal employee.

2019 NEFSC Winner: Mark Dixon.

2018 NEFSC Winner: Sara Weeks.

Technology Transfer Award

The Technology Transfer Award recognizes NOAA scientific, engineering, and technical employees for inventions or other outstanding scientific or technological contributions of value to the United States due to commercial applications and exemplary activities that promote the domestic transfer of science and technology developed within NOAA and result in the use of such science and technology by American industry or business, universities, State or local Government, or other non-Federal parties.

2019: Sofie Van Parijs (Woods Hole): For working on a cross-NOAA team developing a Noise Reference Station.
Christin Khan (Woods Hole): For developing machine learning approaches to contribute to the assessment of the endangered North Atlantic right whale

2017: Dave Packer (Sandy Hook): For providing critical science, data, and support for the establishment of the Frank R. Lautenberg Deep Sea Coral Protection Area.
Julie Rose (Milford): For innovative research and service as experts, leading to approved use of oysters as a means of mitigating nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay

2004: Michael Jech and David Chevrier: Three-dimensional Visualization of Fisheries Acoustics Data and Models

1998: Gary H. Wikfors: For the development and transfer to the US aquaculture industry of new advances in microalgal culture and the feeding of invertebrates.

Diversity Spectrum Award

The NOAA Spectrum Award, an outgrowth of the NOAA Diversity Plan, recognizes employees and managers for their contributions and activities which promote NOAA’s goals in managing diversity. The NOAA Diversity Plan, developed by the NOAA Diversity Council, calls for the development of a NOAA-wide managing diversity recognition award. The Spectrum Award is designed to recognize the initiative, contributions and achievements of employees which often go unnoticed.

2005: Richard Merrick: In recognition of personal commitment and significant contributions to the NOAA Diversity Initiative

2003: Chris Chambers, Lisa Colburn, Laura Garner, Dorothy Jeffress, Christopher Martin, Renee Mercaldo-Allen, Shannon Meseck, John Rosendale, John Sibunka, Terry Smith, Dorine Westgate, and Frank Almeida: For improving awareness and appreciation of diversity among employees in the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Region and encouraging improvements in management practices.

2002: Joseph Vitaliano: For enhancing diversity in NOAA and the NEFSC by conscientiously and creatively working with six minority students from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, who interned in the J.J. Howard Benthic Lab in summer 2002.

1999: Ambrose Jearld: For playing a key role in conceptualizing, organizing and chairing the NOAA-sponsored conference on expanding opportunities in oceanic and atmospheric sciences designed to strengthen links between NOAA and minority serving institutions.
Dennis Hansford: For initiative in working in the areas of workforce and managing diversity, identifying reforms in recruitment and serving as a role model and mentor to students.

Diversity Council Best Practices Award

The Best Practices Award is a "grass-roots" based award which recognizes a manager or management group that fosters a model working environment which maximizes employee potential. The purpose of the award is to recognize those managers who strive to create the model work environment, thus resulting in a high level of commitment from employees.

1999: Joan Palmer, Woods Hole Lab

NOAA Fisheries Awards

Employee of the Year and Team Member of the Year

Employee of the Year Awards recognize employees that have made significant contributions to NOAA Fisheries stewardship responsibilities. Team Member of the Year Awards are for members of the workforce who are not NOAA Federal employees for their contributions to the Nation towards the stewardship of living marine resources as recognized by their NOAA Fisheries peers. Recipients are recognized from each Region, Science Center, and Headquarters in five categories.

2019 Employees of the Year

Antonie Chute, Woods Hole, for outstanding work supporting the stock assessments of deep-sea red crab, windowpane flounder, red hake, and Atlantic sea scallops.
Paula Fratantoni, Narragansett, for her leadership of the Oceans and Climate Branch, mentoring and coaching of other NOAA employees and scientists in the academic community, and helping her employees and others feel empowered, well informed, and supported.
Brian McGovern, Woods Hole, for improving customer service and capabilities of the Information Technology Division while executing a program reorganization during a director transition following the furlough.
Shannon Meseck, Milford, for innovation, leadership, and achievement in scientific research into consequences of climate change, specifically ocean acidification, to production of commercially-important shellfish.
Katie Sowers, Woods Hole, for an outstanding job of managing a property audit, assisting with website transition, and adjusting to changes with cruise staffing policies in addition to her routine administrative tasks.

2019 Team Members of the Year

Andy Beet, Woods Hole, for fostering substantial improvements in team efficiency, collaboration, and communication through development of software and analytical tools using newly emerging principles of open data science.
Katie Burchard, Narragansett, for spearheading several programmatic innovations that have increased the efficiency of operations, improved the accuracy of scientific results, and improved customer service of the NEFSC.
Glenn Chamberlain, Woods Hole, for leading the development of the Fisheries Sampling Branch’s federal portside sampling program and providing exceptional leadership and communication.
Daniele O'Toole, Woods Hole, for demonstrating exemplary performance and commitment to meeting NEFSC administrative needs, utilizing a unique blend of professional skills, business acumen, and exceptional customer support.

2018 Employees of the Year

Karen Tougas, Narragansett
Kelly Taranto, Woods Hole
George Sennefelder, Milford
Sean Hardison, Woods Hole

2018 Team Members of the Year

Jui-Han Chang, Woods Hole
Darien Mizuta, Milford

2017 Employee of the Year

Renee Mercaldo-Allen, Milford Lab

2016 Employees of the Year

Robert Alexander, Woods Hole Lab
Harvey Walsh, Narragansett Lab

2016 Team Members of the Year

Jillian Price, Woods Hole Lab

2015 Employees of the Year

Robert Alix, Milford Lab
Jennifer H. Alix, Milford Lab
Renee Mercaldo-Allen, Milford Lab
Lisa Milke, Milford Lab

2015 Team Members of the Year

Patricia Widman
Jennifer J’Lai Johnson

2014 Employees of the Year

Josh Dayton - Population Biology Branch, Woods Hole
Chad Demarest - Social Sciences Branch, Woods Hole
Ron Guilmette - Facility Operations and Safety, Narragansett
Nathan Keith - Operations, Management, and Information, Woods Hole
John Kocik - Maine Field Station, Orono

2014 Team Member of the Year

Katey Marancik - Oceanography Branch, Narragansett

2013 Employees of the Year

Carletta Wright-Sipes - Administrative Support, Milford
Peggy Donnelly - Budget and Finance Branch, Woods Hole
Larry Brady - Ecosystems Surveys Branch, Woods Hole
Heather Haas - Protected Species Branch, Woods Hole
Larry Jacobson - Population Dynamics Branch, Woods Hole

2013 Team Members of the Year

Joshua Hatch - Protected Species Branch, Woods Hole
Christine Kircun - Population Biology Branch, Woods Hole

2012 Employees of the Year

Katherine Sowers - Ecosystem Surveys Branch, Woods Hole
Patricia Hersey - Data Management Services, Woods Hole
Mark Dixon - Biotechnology Branch, Milford
Elizabeth Brooks - Population Dynamics Branch, Woods Hole
Thomas Noji - Ecosystems Processes Division, Sandy Hook

2012 Team Members of the Year

Michael Ball - Population Dynamics Branch, Woods Hole
Heath Cook - Ecosystems Surveys Branch, Woods Hole
Geoffrey Shook - Ecosystems Surveys Branch, Woods Hole
DeMond Timmons - Behavior Ecology Branch, Sandy Hook

2011 Employees of the Year

Chris Chambers - Coastal Ecology Branch, Sandy Hook
David Chevier - Data Management Systems, Woods Hole
Sean Lucey - Ecosystem Assessment Division, Woods Hole
Barbara Newell - Protected Species Branch, Woods Hole
Beth Phelan - Behavioral Ecology Branch, Sandy Hook

2011 Team Members of the Year

Danielle Cholewiak - Protected Species Branch, Woods Hole
Amy Drohan - Coastal Ecology Branch, Sandy Hook
Shannah Jaburek - Fisheries Sampling Branch, Woods Hole
Chris Taylor - Oceanography Branch, Narragansett

2010 Employees of the Year

Richard Raynes (Woods Hole)
Patty Irby (Sandy Hook)
Robert Gamble (Woods Hole)
Gary Shepherd (Woods Hole)
Tom Noji (Sandy Hook)

2010 Team Member of the Year

Peter Plantamura (Sandy Hook)

2009 Employees of the Year

Virginia Reed (Woods Hole)
Carolyn Woodhead (Gloucester)
John Hoey (Narragansett)
Jonathan Hare (Narragansett)

2009 Team Members of the Year

Heath Cook (Woods Hole)
Denise Risch (Woods Hole)

2008 Employees of the Year

Karen Heise-Gentile (Woods Hole)
Paul Gosinski (Narragansett)
Chad Keith (Woods Hole)
Chris Legault (Woods Hole)
Kelly Taranto (Woods Hole)

2008 Team Members of the Year

Deb Curtner (Narragansett)
Cami McCandless (Narragansett)

2007 Employees of the Year

Colleen Close, READ, Woods Hole Lab
Otis Jackson, DMS, Woods Hole Lab
Sarah Pregracke, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab
Susan Wigley, READ, Woods Hole Lab
Frank Almeida, Directorate, Woods Hole Lab

2007 Team Members of the Year

Robert Gamble, Woods Hole
Helene Hégarét, Milford

2006 Employees of the Year

Catherine Noonan, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Patricia Irby, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Frank Morello, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Charles Byrne, OMI Woods Hole Lab
Jonathan Hare, EPD, Narragansett Lab

2005 Employees of the Year

Barbara Newell, READ, Woods Hole Lab
Dawn Davis, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Beth Phelan, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Gene Heyerdahl, DMS, Woods Hole Lab
Dave Potter, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab

2004 Employees of the Year

Mary Woodruff, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab
Barbara Jobe, OMI, Woods Hole
Brian Smith, Woods Hole Lab
Timothy Sheehan, READ, Woods Hole Lab
Ronald Goldberg, AED, Milford Lab

2003 Employees of the Year

Denise Acquaviva, OMI, Woods Hole Lab
Edgar Kleindinst, DMS, Woods Hole Lab
Nancy Munroe, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab
Phillip Clapham, READ, Woods Hole Lab
David Mountain, EPD, Woods Hole Lab

2002 Employees of the Year

Annette Kalbach, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Patricia Irby, EPD/AED, James J. Howard Lab
Cheryl Ryder, READ, Woods Hole Lab
Bruce Collette, National Systematics Lab
Steven Murawski, READ, Woods Hole Lab

2001 Employees of the Year

Catherine Noonan, EPD, James J. Howard Lab
Peg Donnelly, OMI, Woods Hole Lab
John Burnett, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab
Russell Brown, FEMAD, Woods Hole Lab
John Boreman, Center Directorate

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1998, 1997, 1996: Northeast Fisheries Science Center

NEFSC Awards

Science and Research Director Awards

The Science and Research Director Award is given to provide special recognition to those individuals inside and outside of NEFSC who should be recognized for their contributions in furthering the NEFSC mission and its successful operation. The award is an engraved plaque, has no cash value, and is decided solely by the Science and Research Director.

2011: Yvonna Rowinski, Emilee Towle, Apryl Corey, Steve Wagner, Jonathan Rockwell

1999: Avis Sosa, Joeseph Larson, John Pearce

1998: Allen Peterson, Jr., Dana Hartley, Douglas Beach, Phillip Clapham, Teri Frady, Timothy Cole

1996: David Egan, William Aaron, Mike Tork, Denise Acquaviva

1995: Capt. Carl Fisher, Captain Gelb, John Casey, John Burnett, John Cerquoni, Karen Heise-Gentile, RADM Freddie L. Jeffries

1994: Carolyn Griswold, Jane Allen, John Nelson, Robert Smith

1993: Aphrodite Grevelis, David Mountain, Douglas Marshall, John Bryson, Judith Berrien, Malcolm Windsor, Robert Alix

1992: Robert Jones, Christine Corey, Edward Macleod, George Ward, Phyllis Jones, Susan Murphy

1991: Ambrose Jearld, Andrew Rosenberg, Arthur Neill, Barbara Newell, Eugene Heyerdahl, Isabel Canet, John Pearce, Mary Jane Smith, Mary Laird, Robert Murchelano, Susan Wigley, Vaughn Anthony

1990: Catherine Noonan, Michael Sisson, Ravenna Ukeles, Richard Buck

1989: Ann Studholme, April Valliere, Dusty Gould, Paul Swain, Peter Marckoon, Richard Denzler, Ronald Smolowitz, Steven Murawski, Stuart Wilk

1988: Ambrose Jearld, Carolyn Brown, Claire Steimle, Elizabeth Simonis, Frank Morello, Jack Brennan, Keiko Moore, Linda Despres, Lorraine Santos, ‘Red’ Ransom

Deputy Award

The Deputy Award was designed to recognize employees who create an inclusive work environment, value and respect differences and embrace diversity, and empower and inspire others around them.

2020: Scott Large, for creating an inclusive, positive, welcoming work environment, valuing and respecting differences, embracing diversity, and empowering and inspiring others around him. Scott has demonstrated these attributes through his involvement in the NEFSC Diversity and Inclusion Team, through mentoring PEP students, and for his participation in the Talent for the 21st Century Program.

2019: George Liles, through his efforts Directing the Partnership Education Program (PEP), serving on the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and Diversity Advisory Committee, and co-chairing the NEFSC Diversity and Inclusion Team, is constantly working at making positive change in our community with diversity and inclusion. Mr. Liles has helped bring directed training to employees at the NEFSC and throughout the Woods Hole community to help address systemic racism and unconscious bias. He is a tireless champion for change in these areas.

Jane Foster Award for Voluntary Service

To recognize NEFSC Volunteers whose service is integral to the Laboratory in which he or she works, and who exemplifies the benefits of engaging citizens in NOAA Fisheries' work to foster an ethic of sustainable use.

2016: Lauren Kittell-Porter, Narragansett Laboratory

2015: Heather Elliston and Mary Lee O'Connell, Woods Hole Lab

2014: Grace Simpkins, Woods Hole Lab

2009: Richard Fuller, J.J. Howard Lab

2008: Patricia Shaheen, J.J. Howard Lab

Edward Hastings Memorial Award for Contract Employees

Contractors provide many services that are integral to the Northeast Fisheries Science Center; from entering data and editing office documents, to observing catches on fishing vessels, to performing high-level scientific work. This award is intended to recognize those Contractors who best exemplify dedication and excellence in job performance in furtherance of the NEFSC's mission.

2018: Patricia Widman, Ecosystems & Aquaculture Division, Milford Lab

2017: Dave McElroy, Cooperative Research Branch

2016: Michael P. Bergman, Ecosystem Surveys Branch

2015: Tasha O'Hara, Woods Hole Lab

2014: Eric Matzen, Woods Hole Lab

2013: Werner Schreiner, Milford Lab

2012: Nicole Charriere, Woods Hole

2011: Melissa Warden, Woods Hole

2010: Elizabeth Josephson, Woods Hole

2009: Ehren Habeck, J.J. Howard Lab

2008: Peter Plantamura, J.J. Howard Lab

Judith Brennan-Hoskins Memorial Award

To honor the memory of Judith Brennan-Hoskins, whose promising career ended prematurely while on the NMFS Woods Hole Laboratory staff and whose record of service was exemplary both in terms of dedicated service and in the scientific search for truth and understanding of the world in which we live. The award is presented to the member of the permanent scientific staff of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center best exemplifying the dedication and excellence of research with which Judy performed her duties.

The Award was originally restricted to Woods Hole Laboratory staff, however in 1999 it was expanded to include scientists at all the NEFSC Labs.

2018: David E. Richardson, Research Fish Biologist, Oceans & Climate Branch, Narragansett Lab

2017: Shannon Meseck, Research Chemist, Aquaculture Sustainability Branch, Milford Lab

2016: John Kocik, Research Fish Biologist, Protected Species Branch, Orono Field Station

2015: Julie Rose, Milford Lab

2014: Chad Demarest, Woods Hole Lab

2013: Sofie Van Parijs, Woods Hole

2012: Michael Palmer, Woods Hole

2011: Dvora Hart, Woods Hole

2010: Paul Nitschke, Woods Hole

2009: John Manderson, J.J. Howard Lab

2008: Christopher Legault, Woods Hole

2007: Maureen Taylor, Woods Hole Lab

2003: James Manning, Woods Hole Lab

2001: Gary Wikfors, Milford Lab

2000: Debra Palka, Woods Hole Lab

1999: David Packer, J.J. Howard Lab

1993: Donald Flescher, Woods Hole Lab

1989: Susan Wigley, Woods Hole Lab

1988: John Burnett, Woods Hole Lab

1987: Linda Despres, Woods Hole Lab

1986: Gordon Waring, Woods Hole Lab

1983: Joan Palmer, Woods Hole Lab

1981: Ralph Mayo, Woods Hole Lab

1980: Frank Almeida, Woods Hole Lab

1979: Anne Lange, Woods Hole Lab

Vinyl Nye Edwards Award

The Vinal Nye Edwards Award is presented to a member of the permanent NEFSC staff who best exemplifies dedication and excellence in job performance in furtherance of the NEFSC's mission while improving the quality of life for others in the workplace. The award is analogous to the Judith Brennan-Hoskins Memorial Award for the permanent scientific staff.

2018: Dylan Redman, Biology Scientific Lab Technician, Milford

2017: Heidi Marotta, IT Specialist, Woods Hole

2016: Otis Jackson, IT Specialist, Woods Hole

2015: LTJG Doug Pawlishen, Woods Hole Lab

2014: Sarah Pike, Woods Hole Lab

2013: Lauren Kirkpatrick, Woods Hole Lab

2012: Edgar Kleindinst, Woods Hole Lab

2011: Donna Sanchez, JJ Howard Lab

2010: Robert Alix, Milford Lab

2009: Kelly Taranto, Woods Hole Lab

2008: Karen Tougas, Narragansett Lab

2007: Kathy Libby, Orono Maine Field Station

2004: Claire Steimle, J.J. Howard Lab

2003: Betty Holmes, Woods Hole Lab

2002: Jane Allen, Narragansett Lab

2001: David Hiltz, Woods Hole Lab

Publication Award

The Annual Publication Award recognizes the most impactful paper lead by a NEFSC staff member published during the previous year.

2018: Lisa Natanson, for Age and growth of sharks: do vertebral bands pairs record age? published in Marine and Freshwater Research

Collaboration Award

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center presents its Annual Collaboration Award to groups who work together to further our mission and vision.

2018: GoFish, an at-sea, real-time data integration and visualization tool based on the Fisheries Logbook Data Recording Software, developed by John Manderson (NEFSC), James Manning (NEFSC), Jeff Pessutti (NEFSC), Pete Plantamura (NEFSC), John Hoey (NEFSC), Mike Morin (NEFSC), Katie Burchard (NEFSC), Chris Roebuck (fisherman), Joe Alvernson (fisherman), Brady Lynbarger (fisherman), Kevin Wark (fisherman), Leif Axelson (fisherman), Steve Axelson (fisherman), Bill Bright (fisherman), Steve Jacobson (fisherman), Tom Dameron (fisherman), and John Wilken (Rutgers University).

Miscellaneous Awards

John K. Bullard Diversity Award

2019: Larry Alade, Population Dynamics Branch, Woods Hole

Unit Citation

2019: NOAA Corps Officers, for their work during the 2018-2019 government shutdown. In the Northeast: LTJG Christopher Gallagher, LT Erick Estela Gomez, LT Andrew Paul Reynaga, CDR Nicole M. Cabana

NOAA Corps Meritorious Service Medal

2017: CMDR Chad Cary, for meritorious service while serving as the Acting Chief of Operations, Management and Information at NOAA's NEFSC. His exemplary leadership, organization, management and communications skills ensured that the Center successfully addressed all business and operations.

Director's Award

2011: • Fishery Sampling Branch, for contributions in support of Northeast groundfish sectors and nearly 15,000 days observed in 2011
• Data Management Systems, for substantial efforts to get the groundfish sector program up and running

Unit Citation

2011: Population Dynamics Branch, for scientific contributions in support of Northeast groundfish management

NOAA Special Act Award

2009: Teri Frady, for significant contributions to the social and marine science content in the Sant Ocean Hall and its educational stewardship mission that "the ocean is a global system essential to all life, including yours."