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(cruise report)
Date Deployed
(observed track)
(FVCOM forecast snapshot)
(customized googlemap)
UMASSDKing/Brown 27 Jan off Cape Cod1transient eddies done Gulf Stream and beyond
WHOI/NOAAMoore/Cole 26 Feb Georges Bank1right whalesdone apparently detached from dead right whale after one day
BowdoinLaine 9 Apr Casco Bay1-3Kennebec dischargedone rode coastal current south to Georges Bank and died 4 Oct on Scotian Shelf
NOAAKocik 27 Apr Penobscot Bay1,2salmon smoltsdonerode coastal current south to Georges Bank
NOAAKocik 29 May Penobscot Bay1,2salmon smoltsdoneshort lived
Bowdoin/StJoe'sLaine/Teegarden 8 May Casco Bay1,2Lombos Hole Circulationdone multiple groundings
MASS DMFGlenn 4 June off Buzzards Bay1-3lobster larvaedone drogued and surface unit headed SW to New York Waters
MASS DMFGlenn 16 June off Buzzards Bay4lobster larvaedone surface unit only came ashore on the eastern shore of Newport, RI
MASS DMFGlenn 24 June off Buzzards Bay5-8lobster larvaedone 1 drogued went to NJ and 3 surface units stalled for a week, headed west,...
MASS DMFGlenn 6 July off Buzzards Bay1-2lobster larvaedone 2 surface ashore at South Dartmouth MA one day later
MASS DMFGlenn/DeCosta 10-11 July off Buzzards Bay3-6lobster larvaedone 1 drogue, 3 surface w/interesting combination of both tidal and wind responses
MASS DMFGlenn 24 July Buzzards Bay7-8lobster larvaedone2 surface up the bay (one in the canal!)
MASS DMFGlenn 29 July Buzzards Bay9-10lobster larvaedone 2 surface grounded in West Falmouth and Catamet
MASS DMFGlenn/Wilcox 7 August Buzzards Bay1-5lobster larvaedone 5 surface
UNH/CMBGoldstein/Watson 9 June Great Bay (NH)1lobster larvae donegrounded after one tide
UNH/CMBGoldstein/Watson 22 June Great Bay (NH)2lobster larvae donegrounded after one tide
UNH/CMBGoldstein/Watson 24 June Great Bay (NH)3lobster larvae donegrounded,refloated, grounded
UNH/CMBGoldstein/Watson 1 July Great Bay (NH)1lobster larvae donegrounded
UNH/CMBGoldstein/Watson 6 July Great Bay (NH)1lobster larvae donegrounded, refloated, grounded
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 17 June off NH1lobster larvaedoneashore near Gloucester
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 8 July off NH1lobster larvae donestandard track to Georges Bank
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 20 July off NH1lobster larvae doneentered Mass Bay and died in GSC
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 17 Aug off NH1lobster larvae donedied one day after deployment
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 24 Sept Great Bay (NH)1lobster larvae donerecovered after a couple tidal cycles around Great Bay
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 7 Nov off NH1lobster larvae done headed north, turned around, entered river, and picked up by fisherman on Friday the 13th
UNH/CMB Goldstein/Watson 18 Nov off NH1lobster larvae done Georges Bank ...
RI-DEMAngell 15 June Block Island Sound1-4lobster larvae doneashore at Matunuck RI a week later
RI-DEMAngell 7 July Block Island Sound1-4lobster larvae donemoved towards Long Island Sound but all recovered along the way
RI-DEMAngell 8 July Block Island Sound5lobster larvae doneGulf Stream ...
RI-DEMAngell 15 July Block Island Sound6-7lobster larvae doneone recovered off Pt judith and the other disappeared south of Block Island
OSUShearman 21 July Mass Bay4-12internal waves doneinternal wave generated SW flow!
OSUShearman 15 Sep Mass Bay1-18internal waves doneprocessing not complete
SMCCLong/Tarbox 10 Aug Casco Bay1educational donePicked up by fishermen, Skip Carter
SMCCLong/Tarbox 12 Aug Casco Bay2educational doneApparently washed up on the Kennebunk rocks at end of Halycon Drive (off Ocean Dr) late in the day 25 August and the transmitter floated down the coast and landing in a Wells Maine marsh where it took alot of effort to find.
SMCCLong/Tarbox 1 Dec Casco Bay3,4educational doneOne washed up 4 days later to the east and the other ...
UMMJohnson 7 Sep Frenchman Bay1educational doneApparently washed up briefly on Ironbound Island late in the day 7 Sep and then recovered a few days later off SW Harbor
UMM 8 Dec Machias Bay1educational doneexits the bay in 2 tides and landed on Starboard Island
CFCCShaw/Jenkins 22 Sept Gulf Stream1educational done meandered in Gulf Stream and ...
CFCCShaw/Miller 06 Oct Onslow Bay1educational doneGPS failed on 12 Nov after oscillating along-isobath for 5 weeks
MPC/MBARIHochstaedter 29 Sept MontereyCalifornia1-2educational donedrifted NW and recovered after 2+ days
MPC/MBARIHochstaedter 5 Oct Monterey California1-2educational doneretained nearshore (one beached)
MPC Hochstaedter 14 Nov Monterey California1educational done Headed south and then ...
UMASSDMcDonald 7 Nov Mouth of Merrimack1-25plume dynamicsdoneexpelled from river, headed ENE, recovered 1-day later
Bristol CCRak 10 Nov Mt Hope Bay1LNG assessmentdone Hudson Shelf Canyon in one month!!
USCGCarton/Tallent 13 Jan 2010 NNE Sector1SAROPS training exercisesdone
Clatsop CCHam 19 Feb 2010 Off Washington State1,2educationalunderway
EndicottButler 2010 Mass Bay1educationalplanned
Mass MaritimeHyatt 2010 Buzzards Bay1educationalplanned
UNH/NASASalisbury 2010 Casco Bay1,2clam acidificationplanned
WHOIMcGillicuddy 2010 GoM1-14Alexandrium planned
WHOIWhoriskey 2010 St.Lawrence1-6Salmon planned

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