Near-daily summary plots of the 2007 drifter tracks

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InstitutionDeployerDate Deployed
Dropsite (track)CodeColors(sst image)StatusFate
NOAA/NEFSCR/V ALBATROSS8 MayTruro1,2,3g,b,rdone Georges Bank
NOAA/NEFSCR/V ALBATROSS29 MayTruro4,5,6magenta,cyan,ydone Georges Bank and Gulf Stream
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR19 MayCape Ann, Mass1,2,3g,b,rdone Georges Bank
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR21 MayMid-Coast Me1-6r,g,k,b,c,y done WMCC alongshore (in general)
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR24 MayBay of Fundy 1-9 r,g,k,b,c,y,m,r,gdoneNo complete gyre revolutions; 3 escape to EMCC
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR28 June Cape Ann, Mass1,2,3g,b,rdone Northern Flank entry to Georges Bank
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR29 JuneMid-Coast Me1-6r,g,k,b,c,ydone recirculating via Jordan's Basin
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR2 JulyBay of Fundy 1-9 r,g,k,b,c,y,m,r,gdonetight gyre east of Grand Manan; 3 escape to EMCC
WHOIR/V ENDEAVOR4 JulyGeorges Bank 1 rdonesluggish flow along southern flank before being entrained in tidal front jet...
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2126 Sept Casco Bay (cluster#1)4,5,6r,g,bdone
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY211 Oct Casco Bay (cluster#2)1,2,3r,g,bdone
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2110 Oct Casco Bay (cluster#3)5,6r,gdone
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2111 Oct Casco Bay (cluster#4)8.9r,gdone
SMCCR/V CAROL ANN29 Oct Casco Bay1,2r,bdone Georges Bank

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Launch Location
Date Deployed Deployer (track)
ID# (Speed)
Fate (animation)
Truro 8 May R/V ALBATROSS 75291 Georges Bank w/intermittent transmissions
R/V ALBATROSS 75292 Georges Bank and Browns Bank w/very few intermittent transmissions
R/V ALBATROSS 75293 stalled on Cultivator Shoals, moved on to SE Georges by late June, and recovered Tommy D'entremont, a Lower East Pubnico Nova Scotian swordfisherman, on 6 July, brought to Bay Ferries office in Yarmouth on 18 July for pickup by Richard Pace on R/V DELAWARE II
29 May R/V ALBATROSS 75294 Georges Bank; last transmission 3 August
R/V ALBATROSS 75295 Georges Bank; last transmission 31 August
R/V ALBATROSS 75296 Great South Channel, NE Seamounts, Gulf Stream, Grand Banks ...
Cape Ann 19 May R/V ENDEAVOR 75201 Mass Bay gyre, stalled on Nantucket Shoals, Georges Bank, last transmission 30 August
R/V ENDEAVOR 75202 Great South Channel, NE Seamounts, Gulf Stream, last transmission late Sept
R/V ENDEAVOR 75203 Georges Bank, Gulf Stream, last transmission late Sept
Isle au Haut 21 May R/V ENDEAVOR 75381 ashore on Matinicus and redeployed by lobsterman, John Mitchell
R/V ENDEAVOR 75382 core of coastal current!!, NE Channel, Browns Bank, ...
R/V ENDEAVOR 75383 entrained in coastal current, sighted and reported by Mike Anderson of Rye NH, searched for by my Wellfleetian niece, Linnette Letendre and her buddy, found by Arthur Cashin of Nashville, Ten. on the beach of his Wellfleet home, and successfully recovered by my Wellfleetian nephew, Robbie Letendre, and his buddy
R/V ENDEAVOR 75384 mid-gulf until Nova Scotian swordfishermen recovered it and brought it into Clarks Harbor on 9 August; searched for by a local Coastguardman, Jim Newell but not found at the fellows home.
R/V ENDEAVOR 75385 entire Gulf of Maine gyre
R/V ENDEAVOR 75386 slow mid-gulf trajectory and then picked up on Georges Bank by a Shafmaster boat on 12 September and brought into Portsmouth, NH
Bay of Fundy 24 May R/V ENDEAVOR 75461 ashore at mouth of Passamaquoddy, attempted recovery by Dana of "Island Shellfish", and subsequently found be Tim Miller on south side of Indian Island
R/V ENDEAVOR 75462 escaped BoF gyre, sent last transmission on 6 June off Jonesport Maine after apparently getting caughtup in gear, and found by Micah Philbrook off Rockland Maine w/out drogue
R/V ENDEAVOR 75463 escaped BoF first, caught in gear, and recovered by Eric Green of Gran Manan
R/V ENDEAVOR 75464 escaped BoF gyre, circled Jordan's Basin a few times and then washed up on Grand Manan on 12 Oct.
R/V ENDEAVOR 75465 apparently ashore on Grand Manan
R/V ENDEAVOR 75466 escaped gyre; sighted and reported off Bar Harbor by Steve Brown w/drogued attached; recovered w/out drogue by Didby Lobsterman, Craig Thereault, off Boars Head, Nova Scotia while captaining a whale watching vessel on 15 August
R/V ENDEAVOR 75467 retained in highly-tidal upper-BoF for 40+ days until it escaped BoF on 6 July; sighted and reported by Tom Lawson out of SW Harbor on 16 July; recovered in good shape by Charlie Warren, lobsterman out of Vinalhaven, on 24 July as it was coming ashore and getting hung-up on gear near Seal Island (east of Matinicus)
R/V ENDEAVOR 75468 recovered by Albert Dickson, a fishermen out of St. John's NB, on 14 June after a few days of infrequent fixes
R/V ENDEAVOR 75469 hung up on Cook's Aquaculture gear on the western side of Bay of Fundy (Black's Harbour) on 6th June, recovered by Randy Griffin and crew on 13 June, and brought to St. A's lab.
Cape Ann 28 Jun R/V ENDEAVOR 76201 Georges Bank; Nantucket Shoals: ...
R/V ENDEAVOR 76202 Georges Bank until Charlie Wickens, a Nova Scotian swordfisherman, picked it up and brought it into Bear Point on 14 August; store w/Jim Newell at Clarks Harbor Coastguard
R/V ENDEAVOR 76203 Georges Bank; suddenly stopped transmitting on 4 August and then transmitted again from a dock in Lower East Pumnico, Nova Scotia on 2 Sept; found near dock by David Surette w/out transmitter on 18 Sept,...
Isle au Haut 29 June R/V ENDEAVOR 76381 recovered by a Nova Scotian swordfisherman on 8 August and brought to Clarks Harbor on Cape Sable Island (stored by Bill Hardy at the Coastguard station there)
R/V ENDEAVOR 76382 circumnavigated Jordan Basin twice; entered Bay of Fundy on 2 Oct; recovered by Wanda from Gulliver's Cottage Resort a few towns seaward of the Digby Gut on 18 Oct
R/V ENDEAVOR 76383 retained in two distinct "sticky spots": Grand Manan Banks and Northeastern Bay of Fundy; washed ashore on 7 Oct along with a "10ft mat of weed" in Harbourville, Nova Scotia; recovered by Don Osburn, an Acadia University Geology professor, and Betty Connelly.
R/V ENDEAVOR 76384 Picked up and redeployed by Clyde Sterrick, a Brier Island Whale Watch captain and Westport Coast Guard personnel, on 22-23 July and then apparently picked up and redeployed again by a Digby mariner on 29 July (no phone call), circulated around BoF gyre,...
R/V ENDEAVOR 76385 circumnavigated Jordan Basin once and then short-circuited to Georges Bank on 12 Oct
R/V ENDEAVOR 76386 circumnavigated Jordan Basin once then entered Bay of Fundy on 2 Oct
Bay of Fundy 2 July R/V ENDEAVOR 76461 suddenly stopped transmitting on 10 July south and east of Grand Manan
R/V ENDEAVOR 76462 recovered on the west side of Bay of Fundy by Beaver Harbor New Brunswick fisherman, Reid Hatt, on 9 July
R/V ENDEAVOR 76463 recovered and brought to shore by Joey Green, a Grand Manan fishermen, on 5 July
R/V ENDEAVOR 76464 rotated once around gyre; escaped to EMCC on 17 July; circcumnavigated Jordan's Basin; poly buoy picked up by Dr. Harold Boudrea, a Meteghan, NS dentist, on 5 Sept near his home, and then recovered and stored by Meteghan policeman Alex Garault on 6 Sept and the transmitter picked up by John Drake of Canadian Coastguard who will send it to Boston USCG station w/Mark Lundy's unit
R/V ENDEAVOR 76465 rotated once around Bay of Fundy; escaped to EMCC on 24 July; apparently hungup on some gear on 27 July off Cutler; backed up into Grand Manan Channel; apparently got hungup again for several hours a few miles east of Jonesport on 3 August and again released, headed across the gulf and up into St. Mary's Bay where it came aground on the beach just east of East Ferry on 15 Sept until Greg Tidd found it "while out shootin' seals". He'll will give it back in exchange for some Cap'n Rum.
R/V ENDEAVOR 76466 rotated around gyre center for a few weeks; escaped to EMCC on 24 July; hungup on some gear off Jonesport on 29 July; released by Jonesport Coast Guard (Hamilton and Teagle) on 31 July; found in good shape and free-floating by UNE's Tim Arienti on 28 August; navigated around Boon Island off York Maine in late September; hung up on some shallow bottom for a few days until it was released by York fishermen, Ed Grant on 5 October; relocated to the western side of Appledore Island on 9 Oct by Ross Hansen of the Shoals Marine Lab in order to save it from coming ashore in Northeaster; hungup on some mussel gear off Boars Head, NH and then finally recovered by lobsterman, Peter Flanigan on 16 October
R/V ENDEAVOR 76467 sighted and reported near the Wolves by Baxter Stewart of the Canadian Coastguard on 14 July; escaped gyre via Grand Manan Channel; hungup on gear off Cutler and lost drogue; recovered by Bob Welsh and Kristen Porter of Cutler and stored at the Cates;
R/V ENDEAVOR 76468 recovered by scallop researcher, Mark Lundy (BIO), on 13 July after it lost its drogue
R/V ENDEAVOR 76469 sighted and reported by a Shelbourne, NS fishermen, Johnny Jackson on 9 July; stopped transmitting 11 July; sighted and reported by a Cutler lobstermen, Bob Welsh, on 24 July w/out drogue; recovered by Calvin Mallock on the east side of Campabello on 27 July; to be brought to NE Aquarium by Mack Green
Georges bank 4 July R/V ENDEAVOR 77071 sluggish southern flank flow before finally being entrained in GBank gyre in late July; suddenly stopped transmitting on 18 August
Casco Bay (Bowdoin) 26 September R/V SEAWAY21 79394 recovered aground - E side of Beal's Cove
R/V SEAWAY21 79395 recovered aground - E side of Ewing Narrows
R/V SEAWAY21 79396 recovered aground - E side of Reed Cove
Casco Bay (Bowdoin) 1 October R/V SEAWAY21 70391 recovered aground off west side of High Head
R/V SEAWAY21 70392 recovered aground off Reed Cove
R/V SEAWAY21 70393 recovered aground near southern end of Clark
Casco Bay (Bowdoin) 10 October R/V SEAWAY21 70395 recovered aground on Stover's Pt
R/V SEAWAY21 70396 recovered aground on Stover's Pt
Casco Bay (Bowdoin) 11 October R/V SEAWAY21 70398 recovered aground at end of Stovers Ocean Ave (Stovers Cove)
R/V SEAWAY21 70399 immediately recovered aground at the end of Intervale Rd (Stovers Cove)
Casco Bay (SMCC) October 29 R/V CAROL ANN 70301 (paul) George's Bank
R/V CAROL ANN 70302 (rachel) George's Bank

Note: All units were made by marine science students at the Southern Maine Community College. While most are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, the Bay of Fundy units have 10m subsurface drogue centered at 15m below the surface. For details, call 508-495-2211 or email