Near-daily summary plots of the 2006 drifter tracks

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InstitutionDeployerDate Deployed (animation)Dropsite (track)CodeColorsStatusFate
NOAA/NEFSCR/V ALBATROSS5 MayTruro1,2,3g,b,rdoneashore on islands south of Cape Cod
WHOIR/V TIOGA11 MayOutfall1,2,3g,b,rdoneashore south of Boston
NOAA/NEFSCR/V ALBATROSS16 MayTruro4,5magenta,cyandoneGeorges Bank and beyond
WHOIR/V TIOGA18 MayStellwagen4,5,6yellow,orange,blackdoneGeorges Bank and beyond
WHOIR/V OCEANUS11 JuneMid-Coast Me1-6r,g,k,b,c,ydone 1-2 inshore, 3 and 6 recirculate, 4-5 Digby,NS
WHOIR/V OCEANUS13 June Bay of Fundy 1-9 r,g,k,b,c,y,m,r,gdone demonstrated gyre
WHOIR/V OCEANUS15 June Cape Ann, Mass1,2,3g,b,rdone GoM gyre, Georges Bank, Europe-bound
McGill/MIT SeaGrantR/V KEY LARGO27 JuneBoston Harbor7,8r,mdone diverged to Gulf gyre and Georges Bank gyre, respectively, respectively
WHOIR/V TIOGA30 June Cape Ann, Mass4,5magenta,blackdonetowards Nova Scotia
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2120 Sept Casco Bay1,2,3,4c,g,b.mdoneshort deployment w/3 going aground at the upper end of Quahog Bay
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2121 Sept Casco Bay5,6,7,8c,g,b.mdonesouthward transport in Quahog Bay (69396 lost)
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2125 Sept Casco Bay9,10,11c,g,bdonenorthward transport and groundings in Harpswell Sound
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2126 Sept Casco Bay12,13c,gdonesouthward transport and groundings on either side of Harpswell sound
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY2127 Sept Casco Bay14,15c,gdonediverged dramatically after a few hours.. human intervention?
BowdoinR/V SEAWAY214 Oct Casco Bay1,2,3c,g,bdoneNEward and early grounding
SMCCR/V Carol Ann5 Oct Casco Bay1,2m,gdonesouthward, grounded, refloated, grounded, refloated, and recovered near Peaks Island
SMCCR/V Carol Ann19 Oct Casco Bay3gdoneoutbound from Hussey Sound, to Wilkinsen Basin, ...

Individual 2006 drifter tracks and velocity time series

Launch Location
Date Deployed (GoogleEarth kml) Deployer (track)
ID# (Speed)
Fate (animation) bold font = still active
Truro 5 May R/V ALBATROSS 65291 recovered by sport fisherman, Brian Barlow, out of Pt Judith RI and returned to Woods Hole by Jerry Prezioso
R/V ALBATROSS 65292 Sighted ashore by Leona Tripp and her 15 year old daughter Aliza and then recovered by Sarah Oktay of UMASS Nantucket Field Station
R/V ALBATROSS 65293 recovered by Maureen Taylor's friend Sue Storey on Nantucket
16 May R/V ALBATROSS 65294 recovered by a Newington, NH lobsterman, Scott Ellis, on eastern Georges Bank on 22 Aug 2006 (last transmission 28 July)
16 May R/V ALBATROSS 65295 Georges Bank and Scotian Shelf
Boston Outfall 11 May R/V TIOGA 65201 smashed up on Cohassett rocks
R/V TIOGA 65202 ashore on Peddocks Island inside Boston Harbor; recovered by Hull Coast Guard's Juston Perry via zodiac
R/V TIOGA 65203 smashed up on Brant Rock in front of Reverend Jerry Shea's place
Stellwagen 18 May R/V TIOGA 65204 recovered ashore by Lockport, Nova Scotia fish processor, Peter Morash
R/V TIOGA 65205 Georges Banks intermittent; last fix 8 July
R/V TIOGA 65206 Scotian Shelf and last fix 10/23
Isle au Haut 11 June R/V OCEANUS 66381 recovered and redeployed by Matinicus lobsterman, John Melquist
R/V OCEANUS 66382 brought ashore and stored in Valerie Simmons cellar at "Donald's Dock", Friendship Maine
R/V OCEANUS 66383 recirculated to Maine Coastal Current and last fix on Nantucket Shoals 23 Oct
R/V OCEANUS 66384 recovered by unknown Digby lobsterman on 12 July; redeployed on 16 July 2006; recovered by Baxter Stewart of the Canadian Coast Guard out of St. John's New Brunswick on 10 August; held by Bill Belding
R/V OCEANUS 66385 recovered by Digby salmon fishermen, Todd Mosher, and brought in on 11 July
R/V OCEANUS 66386 recirculated to Maine Coastal Current, around Georges Bank, last fix 23 Sept in GS Channel
Bay of Fundy 13 June R/V OCEANUS 66461 recovered by Campobello mariner, Mack Green, aground on a ledge
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66462 hung up west of Grand Manan; last fix 24 June
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66463 brought to Rockland Maine by herring fisherman Joe Martin on 5 July
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66464 Maine coastal current, to Georges Bank, to Gulf Stream, and into cold core ring
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66465 hung up east of Grand Manan; last fix 7 July; sighted by Monhegan lobsterman Rusty Spier on 24 July
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66466 hung up east of Grand Manan; last fix 28 June
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66467 3 times around gyre, on to the Mass Bay, headed north, and then recovered near Isle of Shoals on 28 Sept
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66468 hung up and recovered by Machiasport Maine lobsterman Craig Wood; last fix 22 June
13 June R/V OCEANUS 66469 hung up and recovered by Cutler Maine lobsterman, Patrick Feeney, at the "Little River Lobster Co."
Cape Ann 15 Jun R/V OCEANUS 66201 Georges Bank, into a cyclonic ring, last fix 8 Nov
R/V OCEANUS 66202 nearly halfway to Europe but sporatic signals after Grand Banks, last fix 2 October
R/V OCEANUS 66203 GoM gyre once and then to Georges Bank, last fix 11 Nov
30 Jun R/V TIOGA 66204 towards Nova Scotia; last fix 8 August
R/V TIOGA 66205 towards Nova Scotia; last fix 28 July
Boston Harbor 27 June R/V Key Largo 66207 (surface) Gulf of Maine Gyre, last fix 10/19
27 June R/V Key Largo 66208 (drogued) Georges Bank gyre twice and then to die in the Hudson Shelf Valley
Casco Bay (Bowdoin) 20 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 69391 went aground at low tide; relocated after one day
R/V SEAWAY21 69392 went aground at low tide; relocated after one day
R/V SEAWAY21 69393 relocated after one day
R/V SEAWAY21 69394 went aground at low tide; relocated after one day
21 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 69395 headed south
R/V SEAWAY21 69396 ran agound on a ledge outside Quahog Bay and apparently lost
21 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 69397 exited Quahog Bay
R/V SEAWAY21 69398 aground on western shore of Quahog Bay
25 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 69399 Aground on western and then eastern shore of Harpswell Sound
R/V SEAWAY21 693910 Aground on the eastern shore of High Head Island in the middle of Harpswell Sound
R/V SEAWAY21 693911 Intermittent transmissions mid-sound w/apparently no groundings
26 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 693912 southward and aground on eastern shore of Harpswell Sound
R/V SEAWAY21 693913 further southward and aground on western shore of Harpswell Sound
27 Sept R/V SEAWAY21 693914 Harpswell Sound few tides and then grounded on western shore
R/V SEAWAY21 693915 exited Harpswell Sound and ashore on offshore island
4 Oct R/V SEAWAY21 60391 NE flow & grounded
R/V SEAWAY21 60392 NE flow & grounded
R/V SEAWAY21 60393 NE flow and grounded
Casco Bay (SMCC) 5 Oct R/V Carol Ann 60301 aground eastern side of channel (Cushing Island)
R/V Carol Ann 60302 aground western side of channel (Fort Williams), lifted w/next tide, grounded, and then showed up damaged near Peaks Island on 10 Oct, and recovered by tour boat
19 Oct R/V Carol Ann 60303 "Paul" estuarine design lasts more than a month at sea after escaping via from Hussey Sound

Note: All units were made by marine science students at the Southern Maine Community College. While most are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, the Bay of Fundy units have 10m subsurface drogue centered at 15m below the surface. For details, call 508-495-2211 or email