Near-daily updates of drifter #56101,56201, 56202, 57210, and 57202. The first, 56101, is a surface unit (red) deployed on 6/22/2005 south of Martha's Vinyard in 3600 cells/liter of Alexandrium by WHOI. Units 56201 (green) and 56202 (blue) are surface and drogued units, respectively, deployed on 6/28/2005 at the outfall site by MWRA/Battelle. The dogued unit, 56202, was recovered by a recreational fishermen off Sandy Neck on Sunday 10 July. Units 57201 and 57202, similar to the previous two, were deploy 7/18/2005 but only survived about a week.

For details, call 508-495-2211.

Closeups shown below.

Time series of drifter velocity along with other variables below.