2021 Drifter Tracks

Resolving transport pathways through New England's continental shelf waters and beyond

updated every two hours

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To get PYTHON processing routines, email James Manning for the latest versions.

To see information on individual clusters, click the links in the following chronological table

PI (report/blog) Deployers (deploy video) Date Deployed (animation) Dropsite (forecast) #units Science (googleearth) Status (googlemap) ID-Type of Unit (photo) Fate (photo)
Educational PassagesBaldwin/Stymiest 2018 Multiple Places20?educationunderwayunmanned sailboats
Educational PassagesStymiest 2019 Multiple Places12+educationunderwayunmanned sailboats Navis_Stellum, MPA_Sewee_Spirit, American Sunset, SV_Jamestown, and more ...
Educational PassagesStymiest 2020 Multiple Places8+educationunderwayunmanned sailboats DespaSEAto; RiptideII; Rye_Riptide; Philbert; to name a few ...
Educational PassagesStymiest 2021 Multiple Places1+educationunderwayunmanned sailboats Blue Heron_3 and more to come ...
Oregon State UniversityArnesen??05 March 2020; 14 Oct 2020 off Oregon2buoyunderwaymooring 203431241
Governors AcademyKnightF/V Lady Rebecca 05 Oct 2020 Fippennies Ledge Gulf of Maine~2 educationunderwaysurface drifters
United Technical CenterBaldwinCaptain Todd Ellis F/V Rachel Leah 30 Dec 2020 off Georges Bank1educationunderwayunmanned sailboat The Alexander finally on its way across the ocean...
South Kingston RI SchoolsDillmanR/V Endeavor 21 Feb 2021 off Hatteras1Educationunderwaysurface drifter 211400711...

Note: Most units are prepared by marine science students. The majority are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, but some units, as in the case of EP boats, track the wind and wave at the surface and some have subsurface drogues typically centered at 10m-15m below the surface. For details, call 508-495-4727 or email james.manning@noaa.gov.