NOAA Observer Web Portal

For PTNS updates and notification questions:
NEFSC PTNS Coordinators, 855-347-4371,

For observer program and vessel coverage questions:
NEFSC Fisheries Monitoring and Operations Branch
Groundfish: Glenn Chamberlain, 508-495-2153,
Herring: Sara Weeks, 508-642-6005,
Scallop: Bridget St. Amand, 508-274-4859,

For fisheries policy questions:
GARFO Sustainable Fisheries Division
Groudfish: Claire Fitz-Gerald, 978-281-9255,
Herring: Carrie Nordeen, 978-281-9272,
Scallop: Travis Ford, 978-281-9233,

For FishOnline questions:
GARFO Industry Help Desk, 978-281-9188,

For permit questions:
GARFO Permits Office, 978-282-8438,

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