Northeast Electronic Monitoring Information System

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All interactions with the NEMIS API require a valid API key. Software developers will find the complete OpenAPI v3 specification here useful along with code reference tables and data constraint listings in the documentation.

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API Specification

OpenAPI Spec | Change log

OpenAPI Specification

The NEMIS API specification is published in the OpenAPI Specification format (v3), which defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to the NEMIS RESTful API.

The specification document may be downloaded as a JSON-formatted file or viewed interactively here:


API Instructions and F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) and detailed instructins for data formatting and clarification for submitting video review data to the NEMIS API.

API Reference Tables

Tables of allowed values (codes) for each field in the NEMIS API.

API Constraints

List of all data contraints and validation rules, and the expected error message returned when a submission violates a rule.

Haul Element Guidance

Guidance for marking the haul elements in the NEFSC EM API based on the fishing gear used.

Reviewer Guidance Document

Video Review Protocols for Multispecies Sector and IFM Herring Trips. Links to the Current RGD and previous revisions.

Length-Weight Conversion Reference

Length-Weight Conversion Reference Documents for Video Review Software.